Through our services, we are paid by our clients upon the successful hiring of a proposed job applicant. As a candidate, if you sign up with our recruiting service while job searching, you will not pay a fee to our recruiters. Instead, the client hiring pays us a fee, if and only if our firm provides an appropriate candidate. Edgewater has contracts with numerous clients looking for employees, and the fee for services upon hire is agreed prior to the contingency recruiter doing any work.

Here is how it works:

  • Each one of our client companies will be assigned an experienced recruiter as a point of contact.
  • After learning details about the client company including team, financial situation, vision, hiring needs etc., our team of recruiters will aggressively network to find qualified candidates.
  • Each recruiter within the team will find and prescreen qualified talent before submitting candidate to
    Client Company.
  • We will facilitate the interview process which includes scheduling, travel arrangements (if needed),
    client counseling, reference checks and closing.